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Penny McLean Oil Paintings

Below is a summary relating to Penny Mclean and her paintings. I frame her work to order in a mix of mouldings and finishes in a contemporary style.  

Penny McLean lives in East Yorkshire. She studied at Edinburgh College of Art under Sir William Gillies and Sir Robin Phillipson and her style is strongly influenced by the work of Joan Eardley. She followed Edinburgh with a further year at Manchester College of Art.

She is drawn to the more unusual aspect rather than the obvious (the back yard or the gently.. crumbling barn) and the contrast in the quality of light in different parts of the world; it may be the brilliance and clarity of light in the Mediterranean countries, the softer light of the Yorkshire Wolds, or the luminescence of the sea and the vivid colours of lichen and bracken up on the north-west coast of Scotland. Sizes of paintings (without frame) are given in centimetres when shown on her website.

Prices of paintings (framed) vary from £300.00 to £1200.00 plus carriage from the studio in East Yorkshire.

There are limited edition prints available for some of the paintings. The print sizes are : small, mounted £65.00 ; large, mounted £85.00 and small, framed print £95.00

 See her website at Penny McLean.

Low Tide, PlocktonLow Tide, Plockton
An oil on canvas by Penny McLean entitled "Low Tide, Plockton."  Plockton is on the Scottish mainland just north of the bridge over the sea to Skye. The clear light intensifies the colours of the the water, hills, grasses and the lichen on ...(more details)
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Old Sheds, WarterOld Sheds, Warter
An oil on canvas by Penny McLean entitled "Old Sheds, Warter." The wonderful rusty corrugated roofs and bleached walls of these old sheds merge so well with the warm Autumn tints of the surrounding countryside....(more details)
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Winter Sun, SaltburnWinter Sun, Saltburn
An oil on canvas by Penny McLean entitled "Winter Sun, Saltburn."  This image shows Saltburn on a bitterly cold windy day with dramatic waves pounding the shore. Eventually, the feeble sun managed to penetrate the clouds to shine through an...(more details)
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The Garden GateThe Garden Gate
An oil on canvas by Penny McLean entitled "The Garden Gate." Every turn of the path in this walled garden brings a new aspect to explore, but the view through is the gate always enticing. It is a mystery which draws the visitor through to discov...(more details)
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An oil on canvas by Penny McLean of "View from the vineyard, Tuscany." Tuscany is famous for the unique character of its landscape. Some of the fields seem to suggest the swell of surging waves. Others look as if they are covered with chunks of ...(more details)
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West End, KilhamWest End, Kilham
An oil on canvas by Penny McLean, "West End Kilham from Woldgate."  The old Roman road,Woldgate, runs as a narrow road or a track from Bridlington through Kilham and onwards in a westerly direction until, after some miles, it dwindles out. ...(more details)
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View from The Three ChimneysView from The Three Chimneys
An oil on canvas by Penny McLean entitled "View from The Three Chimneys." This spot is found on quite a remote part of Skye. The clarity of light bounces of the water and intensifies the colours of the gorse and bracken which are enhanced by the...(more details)
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