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Mauchline, Tartanware & Derivatives
The name Mauchlinware covers a large range of decorative and souvenir woodware which was a direct rival to Tunbridgeware, and sold in many of the same outlets. The details of manufactory are lost in the generic title which is used due to the main centre of production - the town of Mauchline in Strathclyde - but the origin probably lies with Charles Stiven (1753-1820) of Laurencekirk, a box maker. It was he that used the "invisible hinge" (John Sandy's creation), and then the boxes were decorated in penwork and paint. The wood is sycamore and the whole was heavily varnished. This origin, primarily in snuff boxes and tea caddies, died out but up to nearly 60 Scottish makers were working by 1830. The prime producer from which much of the surviving pieces originate was William & Andrew Smith of Mauchlin, from 1821 onwards. There is a huge choice of items listed, and a few more besides. If you are looking for a particular place or item then please call.
Tartanware Box- Prince CharlieTartanware Box- Prince Charlie
An immaculate box decorated with the Prince Charlie tartan. The gilt tartan label can be clearly seen. The condition is quite excellent, the tartan facing being in wonderful condition. It is of a shape that is not recorded in the Trachtenberg re...(more details)
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Early Mauchline Snuff Box with hand decorated base.Early Mauchline Snuff Box with hand decorated base.
This snuff box precedes the Smiths of Mauchline (1810) as the base is decorated with pen and ink geometric design, later automated. Finishes such as this are mentioned in the Trachtenberg reference pages 80/81. Pinto refers to the hand drawn pic...(more details)
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Tartanware Needle PacketTartanware Needle Packet
This double needle pocket is in excellent condition. It displays the McBeth tartan to the outside, a gilt tartan title, and a tie cord attached to the spine. Within is a silk double pocket. It is all in its original and very good condi...(more details)
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Tartanware Fruit KnifeTartanware Fruit Knife
A very pretty fruit knife, single blade, within sheath of unknown tartan. There is no marking on the stainless steel blade. This is the smallest knife in tartanware that I have had, and is therefore quite difficult to photograph. However, as can be seen i...(more details)
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Tartanware Needle ContainerTartanware Needle Container
This little Tartanware item is a needle case. The Tartan is not marked but in great condition, and it is capped with a brass screw fitting, plainly turned at the top, with a beaded grip at the bottom. It has a long thread attached to the main shaft....(more details)
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Tartanware Thread Winder - McFarlaneTartanware Thread Winder - McFarlane
An immaculate thread winder decorated with the McFarlane tartan. The gilt tartan label can be clearly seen. The condition is quite excellent, the tartan facing being in wonderful condition. ...(more details)
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Tartanware Stamp PocketTartanware Stamp Pocket
This double stamp pocket piece is very unusual. It is too short by a long way to be a needle or pin receptacle so can only be for stamps. It displays the McBeth tartan to the outside, a gilt tartan title, and a convenience hanging cord attached. Within is...(more details)
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Tartanware (Cameron) Aide MemoireTartanware (Cameron) Aide Memoire
An unusual Tartanware aide memoire as the many paper pages are mostly unused. There are four entries on the early pages that relate to the owner sponsoring members of the same family when baptised, and the dates given are from 1866 in the original ink han...(more details)
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Tartanware Needle WalletTartanware Needle Wallet
This is a very pretty needle pocket, decorated with the Prince Charlie tartan to the outside. The gilt tartan label can be clearly seen. The condition is quite excellent, the hinge being in fine order. Within is a silk lining in red with a pocket to the l...(more details)
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Tartanware Pin WheelTartanware Pin Wheel
A beautiful pin cushion decorated with the Prince Charlie tartan to both sides. The gilt tartan label can be clearly seen. The condition is quite excellent, the purple pin material being in original and fine order, complete with original ri...(more details)
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Tartanware Needle TubeTartanware Needle Tube
A delightful needle tube decorated with the McLean tartan. The gilt tartan label can be clearly seen. The condition is quite excellent, the interference fit of top to base tube working easily and well. Within are a selection of regular...(more details)
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Tartanware Thread Winder - Prince CharlieTartanware Thread Winder - Prince Charlie
An immaculate thread winder decorated with the Prince Charlie tartan. The gilt tartan label can be clearly seen. The condition is quite excellent, the tartan facing being in wonderful condition. ...(more details)
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Cotton Spool BoxCotton Spool Box
A Cotton spool box with the applied images of "Entrance to harbour, Bridlington Quay". "St Mary's Priory Church, Bridlington", and "Priory Church Bridlington, Yorkshire". Inside there are six old reels on six pillars, and the...(more details)
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French View Page MarkerFrench View Page Marker
A small variant of this popular item, a page marker, with a picture of Orleans, Place du Martroy on the blade, whilst the handle displays the place name. It is in excellent condition as the pictures show....(more details)
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Unusual Fruit KnifeUnusual Fruit Knife
On one side is the detail "Grown on the Lands of Abbotsford", and on the other there is no writing, this unusual item is beautifully shaped and crafted. The blade and "spring" are made of the same ivory material, with a slight change o...(more details)
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Wool Ball HolderWool Ball Holder
This lovely sewing item - a wool ball holder - has the transfer of Carlisle Cathedral, The Choir Looking East. The original rope effect looped handle is attached, and the condition is excellent as the pictures show. It is smaller than many examples....(more details)
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Large Table Go to Bed or Spill ContainerLarge Table Go to Bed or Spill Container
One normally expects Go to Beds to be relatively small, but this would be a table equivalent, being larger than usual, but not overly so (see dimensions). The image is of "Haws Bridge, Near Kendal", it has striker paper to ...(more details)
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Blotter Desk AccessoryBlotter Desk Accessory
An absolutely beautiful example of Mauchlineware at its very best. The image is of "Lydd", and the condition of the front and back is excellent. Inside, all the original linings are there, and I think the blotting paper is the o...(more details)
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Wall Egg TimerWall Egg Timer
A beautiful wall mounted egg timer of quality, with the image of "The Needles, Isle of Wight" to the base....(more details)
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Wall PocketWall Pocket
A double wallpocket in very good condition with the images of "Rochester Castle" on one and "Rochester Cathedral" on the other. A very decorative object for display....(more details)
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Card Case Bristol Suspension BridgeCard Case Bristol Suspension Bridge
A lovely small card case with two images on it as seen in the pictures: "Suspension Bridge, Bristol" and "View from Susupension Bridge". It is in excellent condition....(more details)
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Bucket Pin Cushion.Bucket Pin Cushion.
A useful and pretty pin cushion in the form of a bucket, the opening top holding the pin cushion. The picture is "Folkestone Church". It seems as if the felt and rope decoration is original....(more details)
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Egg CupEgg Cup
A single egg cup with the picture of "Brighton Aquarium" to the front. Sometimes these were in sets on a stand, other times used as containers for the egg etui sewing accessory also produced in Mauchline ware....(more details)
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Painted Circular Pin CushionPainted Circular Pin Cushion
This painted disc pin cushion fails the Mauchlinware test but needs to fit in somewhere! As one can see from the picture it is painted quite naively, on both sides, and items such as this would have been found in many a work box in the C19th. It is simila...(more details)
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Purse NeedlecasePurse Needlecase
A purse needlcase with the French scene of "Cayeux, La Casino" on the front. It has a purse shutter and inside two simple needle packet holders with needles in the original silk. These purse shutters are a more unusual pattern for pieces such as...(more details)
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Needle PocketNeedle Pocket
A needle pocket with the image of "Lower Moness Falls" on the front of the outside. Inside, the original lining sports three pockets to the left and three to the right, separated by the traditional serrated needle felts. It is kept closed by an ...(more details)
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A needlecase with the applied print of "West Kilbride" on the front. The simple interior has a long pocket for the needle packets....(more details)
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Cotton Spool ContainerCotton Spool Container
A lovely three post cotton reel container (40, 50, 60 sizes) with the applied transfer to the top of "Suspension Bridge, Clifton". Inside is the original lining paper, and affixed to the top is the Anchor Thread advertising label for Clark &...(more details)
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Selection of Napkin RingsSelection of Napkin Rings
This is not a set but most are very similar, as the picture shows. From top left to right: Fetteresso Castle (Sold); Burns Monument (made of wood grown on the banks of the Doon)(Sold); Cliftonville Hotel Margate (No 4 on back). Bottom left to right: Dover...(more details)
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Box ContainerBox Container
A photographicware box of "Hornsea from the Mere" in East Yorkshire. The boldness of this picture is interesing, the inside being lined with the original velvet. Note the top part of the catch is missing as is often the case....(more details)
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A photographic ware cradle with the applied picture of "The Prospect Hotel, Harrogate". These would have been used as desk or dressing table items for pins and stationery items, or alternatively as sewing accoutrements to hold t...(more details)
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Dice Shaker Stirling CastleDice Shaker Stirling Castle
A Dice Shaker with excellent transfer of "The Ancient Entrance Gate, Stirling Castle". It includes a kilted gent to the foreground. On the back there is a declaration of where it was bought as the pictures show, with the additional poem extract ...(more details)
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Letter Opener or Page TurnerLetter Opener or Page Turner

A letter opener or page turner with transfer of "Le Havre la Jetes". Besides the French location making this item more desirable the image of vessels makes it appealing. Note the place details...(more details)
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Egg Timer Burns MonumentEgg Timer Burns Monument
An egg timer with the transfer of "Burns Monument" to the top, whilst to the base is the attribute - bought in the monument. Additionally, there is the poem - "He'll hae misfortunes great and small, But aye a heart aboon them a', He'll be a...(more details)
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Barrel MoneyboxBarrel Moneybox
A money box in the form of a barrel, with the applied print of "The Bridge, Clun." As usual on these items the top removes to retrieve the saved money....(more details)
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Pair of Boxed Scent BottlesPair of Boxed Scent Bottles
An unusual Mauchline piece in that it is a pair of cased scent bottles that has a French print of "St Germaine en Laye" on the sloping lid. The bottles are original with the little stoppers. A delightful Mauchline Ware...(more details)
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Ledger Ruler and PencilLedger Ruler and Pencil
A lovely condition ledger ruler and pencil set with the applied transfer of "Lodore Waterfall". As can be seen from the pictures the end opens up to reveal a pencil from one end. Similar can be seen in the reference "Mauchlineware" by ...(more details)
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Pin CushionPin Cushion
A very pretty circular pedestal pin cushion with the English transfer applied of "Head of Shanklin Chine". This is in lovely condition and is an interesting shape. It has the original velvet cushion....(more details)
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Trunk BoxTrunk Box
A banded trunk or box with the applied decoration of "Cardiff Castle" to the top. Inside it is padded with blue silk, so would probably have been used as a small jewellery box. Therefore, it would form part of the "items belonging to the Vi...(more details)
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Bezique MarkerBezique Marker
A Bezique marker as shown in the reference "Mauchlineware" by Trachtenberg & Keith, page 174. The difference between the illustrated item and this one is the addition of the gilt finish and lettering. The applied transfer is of "Murthly...(more details)
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Two Wood Turned Bucket Pin CushionTwo Wood Turned Bucket Pin Cushion
This beautiful pin cushion has been turned in two woods reminiscent of the Tunbridgeware stickware process. The picture of the inside clearly shows the wood layout before turning. The piece is modelled as a bucket and the original pin cushion covering is ...(more details)
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Darning MushroomDarning Mushroom
A darning mushroom with the transfer of "Wish Tower, Eastbourne" to the top. This would form part of the sewing group of items, and an example is shown in the reference "Mauchlineware" by Trachtenberg & Keith, page 167). Tha handle...(more details)
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A pretty needlecase with the transfer of "Foret de Fontainebleau
La Cavernedes Brigands" on the front. The interior is original with a concertina pocket on the left side, and four serrated pin/needle sheets to the centre. The piece is kep...(more details)

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