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The items on the web site are divided into Categories, and these are shown below. They are but a selection of the items available, and should you wish to see the remainder please contact us. We can then arrange a complimentary ticket to a quality antique fair we attend that is convenient for you to attend.

Tunbridgeware: 1790 to 1900. Items reflecting the manufacture of this distinctive woodware from sewing accoutrements to sewing boxes, table cabinets and writing slopes. See EH & ER Pinto "Tunbridge & Scottish Souvenir Woodware".

Mauchlinware/Fernware/Tartanware: 1820 to 1900. A full range of the many items generically known as Scottish Woodware as itemised in EH & ER Pinto "Tunbridge & Scottish Souvenir Woodware".

Antique Boxes: 1750 to 1900. Boxes of all uses including tea caddies, writing slopes and similar, scent boxes, sewing boxes, and jewellery boxes.

Stevengraphs: 1854 to 1914. Silk pictures weaved on the Jacquard Loom by Thomas Stevens’ Company and his main rival of WH Grant, see A Sprake "A Price Guide to Stevengraphs".

Baxter Prints: 1804 to 1890. A full example of the many categories of work produced by this, the first colour printer. The range as covered by CT Courtney Lewis "George Baxter – the Picture Printer".

Le Blond Prints: 1862 to 1890. Covering the unique contributions of this protégé of Baxter, the work he inherited from Baxter, until the introduction of the lithograph in the late C19th which caused the decline of the process of oil printing.

Silhouettes:1780 to 1930. These attractive items were executed in many ways. Each of those found on this site will include full details of the techniques ivolved.

Prattware: 1846 to 1900. Pot lids were disposable items produced to contain items ranging from bear grease to fish products. A good range of domestic pottery was also available. Selling of these items now discontinued, but bespoke potlid frames may still be requested.

Miscellaneous: A selection of pictures and items that do not fit into any other category.


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